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El turismo y las ciudades, The Guardian

OMAU - Málaga

Festival Sonar en Barcelona. Foto M.Pérez

El turismo y las ciudades, The Guardian

The first cruise ship pulled into Barcelona's port at 5am. Over the next few hours, six more cruise ships – bearing names such as Liberty of the Seas and Grand Holiday – followed. On this warm Sunday last May, a record 31,000 tourists arrived by boat in Barcelona. Some were embarking or disembarking passengers, others dropped off thousands of tourists to spend a day in the Catalan capital. Estimates put the passengers' total spending at €3.5m (£2.8m) during the day; a figure that had local shopkeepers rubbing their hands in anticipation after being granted special permission to keep their shops open on a Sunday. As thousands of tourists jammed the narrow streets of Barcelona's Gothic quarter or flooded into the famous La Sagrada Família basilica, neighbourhood associations warned that this onslaught was merely a sign of things to come. In mid-September, the world's biggest cruise ship will begin visiting Barcelona, and is expected to help bump cruise ship visitors to a new record of 58,000 in a two-day span. While Madrid trumpets its record-breaking tourism numbers for 2013 and 2014, Barcelona is engaged in a different conversation about tourism...

Barcelona's tourism booms, swelling its coffers and littering its beaches. Ashifa Kassam. 15 jun 2014. The Guardian. Leer más